Lessons and Training

Laura is always looking for students that are serious about competing and either own or lease a horse.  Laura has successfully brought students along through Training level eventing, 2nd level dressage and jumping 3'6"+ courses. Laura is always expanding her skill set by attending instructor certification program clinics and riding with upper level riders. If you are a serious rider looking for a program, please contact Laura for more information and to discuss a program for you and your horse.  



45 minute private lessons: $65

30 minute private lesson: $55

1 hour Group Lessons: $55

XC Lessons (group): $75 

For riders willing to commit to multiple lessons a month packages are available- please contact Laura to customize a program for you and your horse. 

Full Training: $750/month 
Individual training rides: $55 each

Coaching at a show: $50/day when 4+ students are at a show. If 3 or less students are attending they will split a charge of $200/day. Let's plan to show together to keep prices down! 
Competing your horse at a show: $50/day minimum, $25/ride. 10% prize money when applicable.     

     Varies- Ask for a quote
      Leelanau Eventing offers professional assistance in the process of purchasing and selling of horses. Leave the hard part of horse shopping to a professional who will find you only top quality horses in your price range for you to look and choose from. When it comes to selling we offer quality services and plenty of exposure to potential buyers. Horses in a training regimen with a current show record sell much quicker than those that are not- Contact Laura for more information. A 10% commission on sales and purchase consultations is industry standard, and on sales under $5,000, a flat rate of $500 is instituted.

       Mane pulling: $40
       Body Clipping: $85 for partial clip, $125 for full clip (sedation extra)
       Braiding: $45