Pulse Centers offers 3 different types of PEMF systems, from portable and lightweight all the way to powerful and large. With options to finance, and hands-on training for new purchasers, there's no better way to buy a PEMF system than through Laura with LifePulse and Pulse Centers!

(Accessories also available, most sold separately.)

The most portable, most affordable, and most fun little yellow box you will ever find! The Pulse EQ-X includes equine accessories in the purchase price, weighs only 23 pounds, and comes with a 2 year warranty. It's a perfect option for those just starting out in the PEMF world, vets and competitors who travel frequently, and anyone who wants to experience insanely awesome Pulse Therapy at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. It has 2 times the power of any competing system!

(Our very own little yellow box can be seen traveling around the state of Tennessee with Leelanau team member Caroline!)

The Pulse X1 is the cornerstone of Pulse Centers machines. Don't let the larger size fool you, an X1 can also be easily portable with or without an all-terrain equine cart accessory addition. It boasts a modern LED screen for easy user access in controlling magnetic field strength and programming time. With dual accessory outputs, this is the perfect machine to work on multiple parts of the body at a time. Plug two sets of coils in and voila: you're pulsing a horse's back and legs in half the time of single port machines! This machine also comes with a standard 2 year warranty.

(We love it so much, we use it! Laura drags her very own X1 all over the Southeastern United States, and everyone cheers when it rolls in.)

The XL Pro is the mother of all PEMF machines, and there are no other systems comparable in the world. It is maintenance-free, and 3 times stronger than any other system available in the US today. It can run 2 accessories at once independently of each other, which allows for maximum personalization of each patient's pulsing. It's fully compatible with all Cellular Exercise accessories, and also comes with the 2 year warranty.

(This is the machine we all dream about - one day we'll boast one of our own!)